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Model 1198 Sight Flow Indicator

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Brooks Instrument Model 1198 flow indicators provide a quick, reliable and economical way to verify fluid flows through industrial process lines.

Model 1198 is available with three styles of indicators including paddle wheel, flap style or drip tube/whistle shape. Many specials are also available upon request to meet various conditions of pressure, temperature, fluid types and mechanical dimensions.


1198M type: A paddle wheel indicator style is ideal for ndicating flow of clear or opaque liquids as well as observations from a distance. It can be installed in any direction, upward, downward, vertical or horizontal lines.

1198C type: A flap indicates at a glance which direction the flow is moving in horizontal lines or vertical lines with upward flow.

1198S type: A port in the shape of a whistle or drip tube is ideal for gravity flow, extremely low flow or intermittent flow. The drip tube keeps the fluid from dripping on the sight glass, ensuring visibility.

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