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DPI 620 Genii - Multifunction Calibrator

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The Druck DPI 620 Genii Series - Advanced Modular Calibrator and HART / Fieldbus Communicator comprises four system components to provide the multi-functionality to perform duties formerly requiring a wide range of different instruments.

Features include

  • The DPI620 Genii combines an advanced multi-function calibrator and HART /Foundation Fieldbus communicator with world-class pressure measurement and generation.
  • Smart phone technology touch display and new UI (User Interface) supporting gestures and swipes for a flatter menu structure and greater ease of use.
  • Completely new digital platform and modems to support HART and Fieldbus applications.
  • New DASHBOARD to quickly launch applications such as CALIBRATOR, HART and SETUP with new applications, including SCOPE for real time signal diagnostics.
  • TASK menu allows single touch configuration for common devices such as pressure and temperature transmitters, transducers, switches, and valve positioners. User configured tasks can be added to the library.
  • All first generation DPI 620 and the new Genii system components are fully interchangeable; e.g. pressure stations, pressure modules and all accessories.
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