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The 6180 AeroDAQ provides thermocouple life monitoring functionality for heat treatment in the Aerospace industry based on AMS2750D, both thermocouple Uses and Days remaining are accounted for to help assure they are not used beyond their maximum life.

Features include

  • Using a furnace when it has exceeded the allowable period for calibration, TUS (Thermal Uniformity Survey), or SAT (System Accuracy Test) can result in audit noncompliance, and monetary loss.
  • The 6180 AeroDAQ provides notification of due dates for Calibration, TUS & SAT
  • Successive conforming TUSs and SATs can lead to reduced frequency of these actions, generating increased productivity and reduced cost of compliance. The 6180 AeroDAQ contains routines to automatically calculate extended TUS and SAT periods according to the Furnace Classes as stated in AMS2750D Tables 6 to 9.
  • The 6180 AeroDAQ reporting package can be easily customised to meet your specific requirements, transforming securely archived data into batch information critical to you and your customers.
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