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PACE 5000 Pneumatic Pressure Controller

Test Product

The PACE 5000 is the first in a new generation of modular, high precision Druck pressure controllers/indicators, designed for ATE and test bench applications.

Features include

  • Based on the field-proven and highly reliable Druck control technology, the new PACE5000 offers significant improvements in overall precision, long-term measurement stability and control performance over previous generation instrumentation. As such, it is ideal for integration into automated processes where fast and accurate pressure control is required.
  • The calibration and maintenance history of the PACE5000, along with its configuration, is stored within the instrument. The calibration history is automatically up-dated each time a calibration is carried out to ensure that calibration records are always up-to-date to meet quality assurance standards.
  • A touch screen and a high resolution, 1/4 VGA wide display ensure that the PACE5000 is extremely easy to operate and read. It features a simple icon menu to allow ease of use and comprehensive functionality and connectivity, via RS232 or IEEE.
  • A USB communications port provides for easy PC connection, the use of set-up software and diagnostics download for technical support.
  • Modularity means that 100% uptime is virtually guaranteed with replacement modules of the same pressure range or different pressure ranges easily interchangeable. Only the control module itself needs to be sent for recalibration.
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