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Oxy IQ Oxygen Transmitter

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The compact oxy.IQ, with its built-in microprocessor, is designed to easily fit into any installation site.

With two-wire loop power, it can be installed right at the sampling point instead of having to be rack or panel mounted.

The intuitive interface means you can program oxygen analysis on the keypad and display. From selecting and programming desired ranges to performing sensor diagnostics and setting low-reading alarms, this fuel oxygen cell analyzer is smart enough to tell you exactly what you want to know.


• A long life span and low power requirement
• Provides superior performance, accuracy and stability even in hazardous environments
• Innovative design eliminates the potential for negative signal output, reduces sources of contamination and eliminates electrolyte leakage
• Unaffected by other background gases or hydrocarbons and is compatible with acid gases
• A self-contained cell means there is little maintenance required because there are no electrolytes to change or electrodes to clean

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