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mtl 646 / 647 Intrinsically safe indicators

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The MTL 646/7 text displays are located in the hazardous area where they display alphanumeric data & graphics from a safe area host controller. 

This is transmitted by a serial data link passing through an MTL5051 isolating interface. This serves the dual purpose of isolating the IS indicator and converting RS232 or RS422 serial data to the MTL signal level and vice versa. Bi-directional communication permits operators to acknowledge messages and to request process action when necessary. If required, an audible or visual alarm can be connected to attract the operators attention.


The MTL647 is housed in a tough impact-resistant case designed to withstand the rigours of hostile weather conditions and harsh industrial environments. Ingress protection rating is IP66. It can be mounted directly onto a flat surface or, with an optional kit, onto vertical or horizontal pipes or posts.

The MTL646 panel mounting unit is designed for DIN standard 72 x 144mm cut-out. The panel/unit seal is rated at IP40 while, with standard ‘snap-on’ mounting clips, the panel/unit seal is rated IP40. This can be uprated to IP65 using four mounting clips.

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