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EUROTHERM Paper Chart Recorders

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Eurotherm's range of Paper Chart Recorders includes the 4000 series and the 392 Circular.

Features include

  • 4102 Configurable recorder - Available as either a 4 pen continuous or 6 pen multi-point recorder the 4102 is ideal for simple, low cost applications. The standard digital display allows viewing of Process Variables and provides indication of alarm status.
  • 4103 Programmable recorder - The 4103 is a high specification chart recorder, with annotation and basic maths fitted as standard. Optional add on features such as a PCMCIA card slot and Modbus communications make this an ideal Data Acquisition unit.
  • 392 Circular recorder - The 392 circular chart recorder is particularly useful if you need to review longer-term trends in a single glance. The choice of 12 hour, 24 hour or 7 day charts assist with this. Another option is the extremely useful maths pack further increasing the recorder’s capabilities.
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