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Bray Electro Pnuematic Smart Positioner

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Precision digital control with proven reliability Bray’s Series 6A positioners were designed with ease of installation, simple calibration, efficiency and economy in mind. Units for rotary single acting and double acting actuators are offered as standard. Intrinsically safe versions are also available.

Bray’s BUS positioners offer all Series 6A features plus increased network communication and remote access to positioner parameters and diagnostics.

Calibration is easily performed by entering only three parameters into keypad push buttons. The less than 5 minute calibration process automatically determines the position of the travel limit stops, then measures and records the parameters for both the open and close positions.

Designed for hazardous and severe applications, Series 6A explosion proof positioners offer all the features of the waterproof units in a flame-proof enclosure.

The automatic calibration keypad push buttons in the explosion proof units are externally mounted and easily accessible behind a flap. The units can be controlled locally, even during operation, without removing the housing cover. The LCD display is viewed from behind a sodium glass explosion proof window.

Waterproof/Explosion Proof enclosures meet NEMA 4,4x,7 & 9 specifications and are constructed of die cast aluminum with an epoxy coating for chemical and corrosion protection. Waterproof Stainless Steel available upon request.


ON-LINE ADAPTIVE CONTROL: During operation, the unit continually optimizes control behaviors and travel times in response to changes in line media pressure

DIAGNOSTICS: Bray’s Series 6A positioners feature corrective and preventative maintenance self-diagnostic checks. All diagnostics run constantly, may be continually monitored, and recorded

AIR SUPPLY MONITOR: An additional feature of the Series 6A is an internal monitor that transmits a fault signal alarm if the air supply fails. The alarm is shown locally on the LCD and may be sent to the remote control panel

LOCAL POSITION ADJUSTMENT: Valve position can be manually adjusted locally by removing the housing cover, then using the push buttons to override the remote command signal

FLOW RESTRICTORS: Precise control of even the smallest pneumatic actuators through internal Flow Restrictors

POSITION INDICATOR: In addition to the LCD display, valve position is clearly shown over a distance by a yellow indicator

LOCKING DEVICE: For high vibration applications, the Series 6A features, as standard, a friction clutch locking device

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