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Panametrics Sentinel LCT4

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Sentinel LCT4 is a new addition to the Panametrics line of ultrasonic flow meters. Designed specifically for high accuracy measurement of crude oil and other liquid refined products, it delivers extremely reliable and repeatable results and meets the strict performance requirements of OIML R117-1.

Features include

  • LCT4 refines the high-reliability characteristics of its predecessor, the Sentinel LCT, into an aesthetically designed, compact meter body with integral cables, no extended buffers and no junction boxes
  • It continues to retain all of the advantages of ultrasonic flow measurement
  • LCT4 uses a number of proprietary algorithms to reduce viscosity effects, making it viscosity independent
  • No prover run or change of settings is required when viscosity changes
  • The meter retains its accuracy over the whole range between minimum and maximum viscosity, using only one calibration curve
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