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Superbolt Multi-jackbolt tensioners

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The Nord-Lock Group manufactures patented Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners designed to eliminate unsafe and time consuming bolting methods. 

MJTs replace or retrofit existing nuts and bolts, and only require hand/air tools for installation and removal of any size tensioner.

A “Superbolt” or “multi-jackbolt tensioner (MJT)” is a direct replacement for hex nuts, covered nuts, bolts, etc. They spin onto your existing bolt or stud and provide a better way to bolt up your joint. They consist of three components:

  • A hardened washer protects your equipment and provides a hardened, flat surface for the jackbolts to "push" against.
  • The nut body spins on your existing bolt or stud and seats against the washer hand tight (Superbolt® nut bodies are typically round).
  • The Jackbolts thread through the nut body and are used to tighten the joint in pure tension, using ordinary hand tools.
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