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Zinga Galvanising

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Zinga is a film galvanising system comprising precisely milled zinc particles suspended in a unique aromatic liquid base. 

Zinga will bond to any prepared steel substrate to form a finished surface layer of 96% zinc. Zinga offers all the advantages of hot-dip galvanising and thermal zinc spray but without the application and over coating problems. Zinga has been approved to NORSOK Standard M-501 Revision 5 to meet the exacting demands of the Oil and Gas Industry.

    • It is easy to use - Apply by brush, roller, spray or dipping
    • Protects longer than hot-dip galvanising - And no distortions, fettling or drilling to de-gas
    • Can be applied on site - Regardless of structure, size and shape
    • Re-coats existing galvanising - No dismantling required
    • Can be re-charged - Fusing with the first coat to form a single layer
    • Excellent primer in Duplex systems - Can more than double the lifespan
    • High resistance to mechanical abrasion - Used to coat pilling, rail track and chain
    • Excellent adhesion - Extremely high pull-off results achieved
    • Extremely flexible - Will not crack or de-laminate, unlike H.D.G.
    • Can be applied to damp surfaces - Up to 90% Relative Humidity
    • Can be applied in extreme temperatures - Minus 15˚C to Plus 40˚ C
    • Weldable to X-ray quality - Weld steel through 60mm of Zinga
    • Certified for use with potable water - BS6920(2000)
    • Certified as non-flamable - BS476 Part 6 & 7 Fire Propagation
    • Suitable for large and small areas - From the largest bridges to small nuts and bolts

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