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Eletta V-Ex Flow Monitor

Test Product

Ex versions of our flow monitors are designed to be used in explosive atmospheres. The monitors are approved according to the IECEx certification scheme as an intrinsically safe apparatus according to standards IEC 60079-0:2007, IEC 60079-11:2007 and IEC 60079-26:2006.

Features include

  • ATEX directive (94/9/EC) our EX flow monitors are considered as “simple apparatuses”
  • The monitors contain mechanical parts that move slowly and with low power input, incapable of forming hot surfaces or other ignition sources
  • The ATEX directive is not applicable for “simple apparatuses” or for slow moving mechanical parts with low power input
  • The monitors have been designed and examined as simple apparatus according to EN 60079-0:2009, EN 60079-11:2006, EN 60079-26: 2007 and EN 13463-1:2009
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