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FISHER 3660 & 3661 Positioners

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Fisher 3660 pneumatic and 3661 electro-pneumatic single-acting positioners are used with various actuators on sliding-stem valves for throttling applications. These rugged positioners provide a valve position proportional to a pneumatic input or a standard millampere DC input signal received from a control device.

Features include

  • Accurate, Efficient, Vibration-Resistant Operation—Positioner design provides accurate, fast-responding instruments able to withstand the vibrations of most plant environments. Low steady-state air consumption contributes to efficient operation.
  • Variable Gain—Easily adjustable gain and damping adjustments fine tune the positioner stability to specific application requirements.
  • Versatility—Positioner accepts a standard pneumatic input signal (3660) or a standard milliampere DC input signal (3661) from a control device. This positioner provides split range capabilities and adjustable zero and spans.
  • Rugged Construction—The case and cover are designed to withstand mechanical vibration and rough handling.
  • Easy Positioner Adjustments—Zero and span adjustments can be made with the cover in place.
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