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Fisher 67D Pressure Reducing Regulator

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The 67D Series regulators are typically used to deliver constant reduced pressure of gaseous fluids to pilot-operated controllers and other pneumatic instrumentation.

Features include

  • Pilot Supply Regulator — Improves the accuracy of two-path control regulators by reducing inlet sensitivity caused by fluctuating inlet pressures.
  • Pressure Loading Regulator — Provides accuracy and improved performance in dirty steam service by eliminating the need for a pilot regulator.
  • Optional Stainless Steel Construction — The Types 67DS, 67DSR, 67DFS, and 67DFSR provide high resistance to corrosion, which is especially beneficial for offshore applications.
  • Internal Relief — The Types 67DR, 67DSR, 67DFR, and 67DFSR have an internal relief valve with a soft seat for reliable shutoff with no discernible leakage. These regulators are recommended for conserving plant air.
  • Rugged Construction — The 67D Series regulators are engineered for longer service life with minimal maintenance requirements.

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