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Fisher Type EZR pilot-operated, pressure reducing regulator designed to give accurate, smooth, quiet operation, tight shutoff, and long life, even in dirty service.

It is also available with a slam-shut device, the Type EZROSX, which can provide either overpressure protection or overpressure and under pressure protection by completely shutting off the flow of gas to the downstream system. EZR Series can be installed in various applications such as natural gas transmission/distribution systems, industrial and commercial facilities.


  • Tight Shutoff
  • Debris Protection
  • Quiet Operation
  • High Accuracy
  • Long Life
  • Full Usable Capacity
  • Thorough Laboratory Testing
  • Easy In-Line Maintenance
  • O-Ring Design
  • In-Service Travel Indicator
  • Versatility
  • Easily Maintained Pilots
  • Powder Paint Coating
  • Slam-shut device

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