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KaMOS® Gasket

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KaMOS® Intelligent Kammprofil Gasket ( R/F & F/F )

KaMOS® method of leak testing of flanges with ring joints measuring whether tightness has been achieved on all sealing surfaces of flange before the flange and pipe are subjected to internal pressure, as well as monitor the flange connections for future leakages.

Advantages of using KaMOS RTJ Gasket or KaMOS® Intelligent Kammprofil Gasket

  • The flange is tested for leaks before the process pressure is applied.
  • Flanges that would not otherwise be leak or pressure tested (such as blind flanges to isolate spools) can be tested.
  • Certainty that the seal actually seals all contact surfaces (primary & secondary sides)
  • Time of testing is significantly reduced, resulting in significantly less downtime due to leak testing.
  • Equipment is simple and easy to use.
  • Necessary volumes of nitrogen required for testing are minimal, so therefore large quantities of nitrogen and helium will be saved compared with conventional leak testing.
  • The method can also be used for continuous monitoring of seals be equipping the annular space with an indicator of gas pressure.
  • The pressurisation line can be used to feed in liquid sealant in case of emergency.
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