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MTL 9469-ETplus Wireless Access Point, Bridge or Repeater

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The 9469-ETplus is a multi-functional module that can be used as an Access Point, Wireless Bridge (Client) or Wireless Repeater.

When used in the Access Point (AP) mode, it allows wireless devices to connect through it and onto the wired Ethernet network, either in AD-HOC or Infrastructure modes. 

When used as a Bridge, it makes it possible to turn any 10/100 Ethernet device into a wireless device, or to connect two network segments together to make a single network (without the interconnecting wire or fibre optic). 

Additionally the module may also be used in its Wireless Repeater (WDS) mode to extend the range covered by a wireless network.

Designed for hazardous-area mounting, the 9469-ETplus has intrinsically safe, Zone 1, ATEX and IECEx certification and Division 1 FM (USA and Canada) approvals, and may only require a suitably IP-rated enclosure, where necessary. The ATEX and IECEx approvals cover both surface industry and mining applications.

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