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Moisture Pro IQ Packaged Solution

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pro.IQ simplifies the selection and installation of your moisture transmitter for a complete moisture measurement solution.

Only a few simple steps; install the moisture transmitter, connect your loop power and sample gas to the inlet fitting and you are ready to measure. 


 • IP66 & NEMA 4X package 

• The moisture transmitter, sample system and Zener barrier (if hazardous area option selected)

• Features the HygroPro moisture transmitter 

• Sample system to provide isolation, filtration, pressure and flow indication, with a clear door for easy viewing of all readings


The standard pro.IQ package is designed for moisture measurements in any hydrocarbon gas or inert gas application. It may be used in environments classified as safe or hazardous areas, where the process gas pressure is up to 200 psig (14 bar) in safe area and 400 psig (27 bar) in hazardous area. The system combines the Panametrics HygroPro with 50 years of sample system design experience , to deliver the moisture measurement you have come to trust. 

Markets and applications served include: 

• Natural gas • Hydrocarbon gases 

• Petrochemical 

• Metal heat treatment 

• Industrial gas 

• Power generation

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