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Wika Model TWG Gas Actuated Temperature Switch

Test Product

These high-quality and robust temperature switches have been developed especially for safety-critical applications. The high quality of the products and manufacturing in accordance with ISO 9001 ensure reliable monitoring of your plant. In production, the switches are traced by quality assurance software at every step and subsequently are 100 % tested.

The measuring element is a gas-actuated system with a Bourdon tube element. This system allows wide setting range up to 0 ... 600 °C. 

The measuring system parts and the flexible spiral armour are made of stainless steel. 

The model TWG temperature switch is extremely robust and guarantees optimal operating characteristics and the highest measuring performances with repeatability lower than 0.5 % of span.

Special features

■ No power supply needed for switching of electrical loads 

■ Setting ranges from -30 ... +70 to 0 ... 600 °C 

■ Ex ia version available 

■ 1 or 2 independent set points, SPDT or DPDT, high switching power up to AC 250 V, 20 A 

■ Direct mounting or remote mounting with capillary ≤ 10 m


■ Temperature monitoring and direct switching of electrical loads 

■ General process instrumentation in the chemical and petrochemical industries, oil and gas industries, power generation, water/wastewater industries, mining

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