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SEM 161 / 162 Temperature & Humidity Transmitters

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The SEM161 /162 series are a cost effective “smart” humidity and temperature transmitter with a single two wire (4 to 20) mA output ( SEM161) or dual two wire (4 to 20) mA output (SEM162). 

The design uses a digital sensor which plugs into the sensor stem. A 4 digit display option is also available.

The product will measure humidity, temperature, dewpoint and delta T (the difference between dewpoint and ambient temperature) values. Using the free software, available on the Status website, PC configuration allows you to measure any one of these 4 parameters on the SEM161, or any two on the SEM162.

You can even programme the SEM162 to measure the same parameter on both loops.

Using the SCH4 connection head, the SEM161/162 series can be ordered for duct, wall or remote sensor mounting.

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