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Rosemount 185 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

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Meet the required standards of your process temperature measurements with the Rosemount 185 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor.

This reliable sensor covers a range of temperatures and is engineered as type J, K or N thermocouples (IEC 584 Class 1) with or without a thermowell to meet a variety of application requirements. This flexible temperature measurement solution also offers many configurations, enclosure and connection head options and remote or integral mounting designs.

Features and benefits

Optimize plant efficiency and increase measurement reliability with industry-proven design and specifications 

■ Available in a wide variety of sensing technologies – RTD and thermocouples. 

■ All sensor styles and lengths are available in 6 mm diameter. 

■ State of the art manufacturing procedures provide robust element packaging and increasing reliability. 

■ Industry-leading calibration capabilities allow for Callendar-Van Dusen values to give increased accuracy when paired with Rosemount transmitters.

■ Optional Class A accuracy for critical temperature measurement points.

Streamline operations and maintenance with sensor and thermowell design 

■ DIN-style sensor uses connection heads that allow quick mounting and replacement while maintaining environmental integrity. 

■ Terminal block, flying leads, and spring loaded threaded adapter styles offer remote or integral transmitter mounting configuration.

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