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Rosemount 214C Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

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The Rosemount 214C Sensors are designed to provide flexible and reliable temperature measurements in process monitoring and control environments.

Primary product benefits 

■ High accuracy resistance temperature detectors (RTD) and various thermocouple types offered in a variety of element configurations 

■ Calibration capabilities for increased measurement accuracy for RTDs

Features include:

■ Temperature ranges of –321 to 1112 °F (–196 to 600 °C) for RTDs and –321 to 2192 °F (–196 to 1200 °C) for thermocouples 

■ Industry-standard sensor types: PT100 RTDs; thermocouple Type J, Type K, and Type T 

■ Spring-loaded and compact spring-loaded sensor mounting styles 

■ Hazardous location product approvals and certification 

■ Calibration services to give insight to sensor performance 

■ Calibration certificate to accompany sensor

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