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Wika Model ELS Float Switch with chamber

Test Product

In an external chamber (bypass chamber), a float with a permanent magnet moves on a guide tube in relation to the liquid level, following the principle of communicating vessels.

Within the guide tube is fitted a reed contact (inert gas contact), which is energised, through the non-magnetic walls of the float and guide tube, by the approach of the float magnet. By using a magnet and reed contact the switching operation is non-contact, free from wear and needs no power supply. The contacts are potential-free.

The switching functions always refer to a rising liquid level. 

The float switch is simple to mount and maintenance-free, so the costs of mounting, commissioning and operation are low.

Special features

■ Freely selectable switch position through fixing the float switch at the required level 

■ Large range of application due to the simple, proven functional principle 

■ For harsh operating conditions, long service life 

■ Operating limits: 

- Operating temperature: T = -30 ... +150 °C 

- Operating pressure: P = Vacuum up to 40 bar 

- Limit density: ρ ≥ 600 kg/m3


■ Mounting on engines, tanks, vessels or enclosures, where, due to a lack of space, installation within them is not possible 

■ Use for turbulent liquid levels such as in oil sumps in large engines, gearboxes etc. 

■ Pump and level control and monitoring of distinct filling levels 

■ Chemical, petrochemical industry, natural gas, offshore, shipbuilding, machine building, power generating equipment, power plants 

■ Process water and drinking water treatment

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