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Wika Models HLS-S and HLS-P Horizontal Float Switch

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In addition to the various applications for float switches for vertical installation (model FLS), the model HLS horizontal float switches likewise offer innumerable possibilities to monitor and/or switch levels in order to indicate minimum/ maximum levels

The float is attached to a supported, swivelling lever and moves with the level of the medium being measured. By means of a permanent magnet, fixed to the end of the lever, when a preset switch point is reached, a reed contact (inert gas contact) within the contact tube is actuated.

By using a permanent magnet and a reed contact the switching operation is non-contact, free from wear and needs no power supply. The functioning of the float switch is independent of foaming, conductivity, vapours, bubble formation and vibrations.

Special features

■ Large range of application due to the simple, proven functional principle 

■ For harsh operating conditions, long service life 

■ Operating limits: 

- Operating temperature: T = -120 ... +350 °C 

- Operating pressure: P = Vacuum to 232 bar 

- Limit density: ρ ≥ 600 kg/m3 

■ Stainless steel and plastic versions 

■ Explosion-protected versions


■ Level detection for almost all liquid media 

■ Pump and level control 

■ Chemical, petrochemical industry, natural gas, offshore, shipbuilding, machine building, power generating equipment, power plants 

■ Process water and drinking water treatment

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