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Wika Model PG28 Pressure Gauge Hastelloy C276 Wetted Parts

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The model PG28 Bourdon tube pressure gauge with wetted parts from Hastelloy C276 is particularly suitable for applications with aggressive media.

WIKA manufactures the model PG28 per EN 837-1 both in the “S1” version and in the “S3” safety version. The safety version is made up of a non-splintering window, a solid baffle wall between measuring system and dial and a blow-out back. In the event of a failure, the operator is protected at the front side, as media or components can only be ejected via the back of the case.

Special features

■ Wetted parts from Hastelloy C276 

■ Excellent resistance against corrosive media such as sulphuric acid, nitric acid, chlorine gas etc. 

■ Also available as safety version “S3” per EN 837-1 

■ Scale ranges from 0 … 0.6 to 0 … 700 bar [0 … 10 to 0 … 10,000 psi]


■ With case filling for applications with high dynamic pressure loads and vibrations 

■ For gaseous and liquid aggressive media that are not highly viscous or crystallising, also in aggressive environments 

■ Oil and gas industry, chemical and petrochemical industries

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